The firm belief in Culture as a capital tool with which to promote the transformation of society motivated the creation of Born! Music in 2006. Since then, our structure has been dedicated to promoting initiatives that seek to democratize access to culture and increase its impact on citizens.


Our activity is divided into two different areas of action, although with communicating vessels; that of a musical artist representation agency and the development of cultural projects that focus on music, audiovisual and education.


In the field of musical representation, we develop our activity on an international level, organizing tours and concerts for an extensive and careful selection of artists. Throughout our history we have been proud to work with the talent of 654 artists of 35 different nationalities, promoting a total of 4525 performances for them, in 1600 spaces distributed in a total of 592 cities in 33 different countries.


In the aspect of developing cultural projects, we focus on dynamizing audiences and building communities, working locally without forgetting the development of national and international networks. Since the foundation of our structure we have carried out a total of 14 different projects, of which 11 is currently active.